Lymph Nodes

  • They are small solid structures detected at varying sites together with the lymphatic system.
  • Peripheral organs of the lymphatic system, performing the function of a biological filter through which lymph flows from organs and body parts.
  • Flowing through the sinuses of the medulla, the lymph is enriched with antibodies that are produced by the plasma cells of the brain strands.
  • The lymph node is a barrier to the spread of both infection and cancer cells. Lymphocytes matured in it are protective cells that actively involved in the destruction of foreign substances and cells.
  • The cortex contains follicles comprised mainly of B cells and follicular dendritic cells.
  • The paracortical regions contain masses of T cells.
  • The primary function is to produce an immune response against any microbe they trap.

Source: Everyday Health, By Jane Bianchi.

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